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according to clients, partners & delighted observers
Teodora Migdalovici

Thinkegic is this kind of new breed made to succeed, no matter what. Its founder has not only the taste to spot people and opportunities, the fluency aquired by experience and the knowledge to translate concepts into tangible realities in the blink of an eye, but she’s also fluent in performing on the sword edge and still deliver. She is fun, she is playful and she flirts with pop-culture. She manages to put new ideas and new products in the social fabric, naturally. Both her creative & business muscles are as athletically trained as her entire persona. Her discipline years in sport built her character: she is made to endure, to perform, to enchant and to wonder. Hear, Hear, Isabella”,

Catalin Savulescu


With over 10 years of experience in the electronics business, Badabum's goal has always been to maintain its standard, while keeping the consumer expectations in mind. In the rebranding process, Thinkegic has managed to transform our communication through a clean, neat, fluent user experience, translating everything we wanted to convey over the years in a stable, decluttered & healthy visual language.

Andreea Ward

The Search Group

Isabella has a true and genuine passion for her profession and what she does. This is reflected in how she works with her clients throughout their marketing and branding journeys. Her hands-on approach and meticulous media planning strategies will help all clients reach their target audience in an impactful and efficient way. The team at Thinkegic are able to fully understand your business needs and objectives to provide a holistic, 360-degree strategy that will help bring your company’s goals and vision to life.

Aida Spinu


Thinkegic manages to juggle brands in a unique, hard-to-achieve harmony. We have had the privilege to discover it first hand, ever since DAbo and Pepsi collaboration started. Together we managed to get the most important benefit: our consumers’ attention and positive reactions that translated into hard evidence, while checking, every quarter, the sales results.

Crina Zdravcu


Isabella has this amazing quality to put in the world work to remember, rising the standard for both the clients & the market. Teaming up with her is a memorable experience. Her creativity, sense of humor and positive attitude are unparalleled. Her flair, to come up with tailored solutions impecably adjusted for your brand, on its very specific frequency, is Thinkegic’s most precious, untangible asset.

Bogdan Cherciu

Carlsrom Beverage

After years of experience in the field, there comes a time when, if you are lucky, you got a taste of what superlative really means and our collaboration with Thinkegic proved it can be achieved. They’ve become a benchmark in business strategy with a human touch doubled by smart formulas while doing the implementation. Well, that’s a standard nice to have from every single potential partner out there. Kudos to Thinkegic for making it a tangible reality.