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Strategic Stunts

What’s a stunt? A stunt is an unusual and difficult physical feat or an act requiring a special skill, performed for artistic purposes usually on television, theaters, or cinema. What’s a strategic stunt? Well, that’s a story on a whole different level. We believe in changes. In different. In disruption. We aren’t afraid to align your brand to what it truly stands for. How we’ll manage to do that?



Brands are like snowflakes. Similar from afar, but completely unique if you take your time to know them. The problem? Nobody has that time. We live in a fast-paced world. That’s why we address challenges in a personalized way, as unique as your business’ platforms and communities. Your brand has a life and identity of its own. Shaping it is a journey in itself, a metamorphosis guided by our previous trials & errors, our extended experience in media and international/intercultural communication. The bottom line is that every decision you make to professionally advance your business has to be calculated on a series of shifting factors. Sometimes it’s difficult to get outside your box and see real solutions. We are the guides through this maze.



Brand recognition is the first fence you need to jump & overcome, in order for brand communication to later occur. Of course you want a positive recognition associated with your brand on a subconscious basis. Remember, you only get one chance for a first impression. We live in a visually-heavy digital world. Your name & your visual wardrobe is what your future-customers first see and how they get to meet, greet and remember your brand. They should immediately feel something, remember you among other zillion things and accepting you with love, care or consideration in their life ride journey. Pressure, huh? If the job is done right, they immediately should manifest interest, feel the shopping butterflies and associate your brand with fuzzy emotions. We’re here to do exactly that.



This is a quintessential part of business and there is no way we’ll let you be half of what you could actually be. Thinkegic is here to push, pull and provoke, but always with purpose, anticipating trends, but managing to keep a brand’s vital energy above their dominance. While usually brand consultancies are leaving the implementing roles to marketers, producers or creative agencies, at Thinkegic we are able to shape bold strategies, lean on research, decline the results into creative campaigns and download their vibe into products, people interactions and ultimately results.